Choice Accelerator strives to support entrepreneurs and startups in Cambodia through capital funding, customized and one-on-one mentorship sessions, strategic connection referrals, and co-working space. We believe in the power of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. We also believe that capital has the potential to be the most efficient formation to facilitate positive changes. Instead of making donations, Choice Accelerator wants to support anyone who has ideas to solve problems our society is facing, who is passionate about creating impacts, and who is dedicated to contribute all he/she has to make an idea into reality. Choice Accelerator trusts that everyone, no matter where you grew up from, what social status you have, or what education you went through, deserves to have choices. What we accomplish depends on choices we make along the way, and through the choices we make, we influence others around us, including our family, friends, countrymen, animals, the environment, and Mother Earth. We want every entrepreneur in Cambodia owns the choice to change the world. If we haven’t changed the world, it’s because we choose not to yet, not because we can’t. For those who are ready to take the responsibility to build a better world, we are here to serve you.