Our Main Program

Choice Accelerator realizes in order to help startups the most, every offering needs to be customized specifically for the chosen ones. So we decided to launch our program in a Choice way. Startups can apply for mainly two programs with Choice, Equity Investment Program and Co-Working Space Program.

Equity Investment Program

Equity Investment Program provides equity investment, and other resources such as co-working space and mentorship.

Co-Working space Program

Co-Working Space Program provides free co-working space to startups that are not ready to discuss equity investments yet.

Rolling base. Choice welcomes all startups to send in their applications year-round. Once we complete the due diligence and confirm you are selected, you officially join the program with your own timeline. You are your own batch.

Equity investment. Choice commits in total up to USD1 million until 2025 to do equity investments in the startups we select. The ticket size for per startup, the terms, the shareholding percentage, and capital deployment schedule are all case by case, customized according to the needs and maturity of the startup.

Mentorship without mandatory classes or seminars. Choice will try our best to locate the right mentors who have entrepreneurial experiences themselves, or do early stage investments, in related industries of the startups, and are familiar with Cambodian market, or markets the startups aiming to expand. Mentors will brainstorm with founders to solve issues they face daily regarding operations, and fine-tune strategies for the future of the startups. There is no mandatory classes or seminars founders need to attend. You and your mentors together decide the frequency of your meetings to leave the founders to utilize their precious time in the most efficient way.